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There’s a radiant being within

by James - March 30th, 2013.
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Have you ever noticed a glint in someone’s eyes?  A glimpse of something otherworldly in their gaze — the shine from the inside out. There’s a radiant being who dwells in each of us.

Yoga is Self realization, a connection to all things. There is no divide, only a perceived divide — the layers that obfuscate our true Selves. Many people believe there is the Creator and there is creation, with humans falling into the latter. Yoga exposes this duality as two sides of the same coin. You are a divine being; embrace your true nature.

For many of us awakening happens as a process, and the yoga path is the mechanism. We have thousands of years of wisdom to draw from, a whole system bequeathed to us, let’s tap into that framework. But there’s more than reading texts, contorting into pretzels and chanting mantras. All these things are good, and practice them often enough and you’ll fine tune your instrument, but remember, your journey is your own. There’s only one way to experience the yoga, and that’s directly, you must know it yourself.

Do you feel the call?  Will you be a light along the way? You’ve read this far, the next thing is to try it. Whether you are looking for six pack abs, mental relief, emotional healing, or spiritual enlightenment, there is a place for you. All reasons are valid, and when you step into my class, you enter a no judgment zone.

Lose the labels, the status, the identities that separate us from one another. Stop categorizing yourself and start loving yourself. Begin there and witness how that love expands, as you see yourself in others, and more easily love the world around you.

We’ll stir things up, shake off some layers, and let loose the radiant being within.

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